Secretary Role


LGBTQ Youth Cornwall
Role Description: Secretary
We have compiled these documents purely as a guide for prospective and existing trustees. They are not exhaustive or reflective of every task that anyone may ever need to carry out. LGBTQ Youth Cornwall is proud of the democracy and inclusiveness of our trustees and would stress that should anyone be uncomfortable carrying out any task, we should hope that another trustee would be willing to absorb this as part of their role. 
Tasks which may regularly be carried out by the Secretary include:
  • Minute taking and organising meetings of trustees and the advisory group. 
  • Distributing minutes and other documents to trustees and advisory group. 
  • Maintaining up to date contact details of trustees and advisory group members. 
  • Delivering training both internally and externally on behalf of the group. 
  • Maintaining and development of the website. 
  • Checking the YAY Facebook profile and e-mail. 
  • Attending meetings and acting as the ‘supervisory trustee’. 
  • Completing paperwork and associated admin tasks (for instance for EEFO accreditation). 
  • Communicating with trustees by phone and e-mail. 
  • Recruitment and interviewing of potential new employees.
  • Writing policies, procedures and guidelines to govern the day-day running of the group. 
  • Carrying out discipline and grievance procedures as and when required with the Chair of trustees. 
  • Positively promoting the group and its activities among LGBT and generic communities. 
  • Providing support for young people in the absence of paid workers/volunteers. 
  • Supporting young people and workers at events such as pride. 
Person Specification
  • Organised and punctual person with good timekeeping skills and ability to see tasks through. 
  • Clear and effective communication skills and the ability to accurately minute-take. 
  • Experience of voluntary groups and the statutory sector. 
  • Experience and knowledge of web design and upkeep. 
  • Willingness to use online tools such as SurveyMonkey and Googledocs.  
  • Experience of working with minority communities, or a desire to do so. 
  • The ability to provide a satisfactory Enchanced CRB disclosure. 
  • Experience of taking a senior trustee role within a similar organisation. 
  • Ability to positively promote the group and the experience of being LGBTQ in Cornwall today. 
  • Willingness to engage appropriately with professionals from a wide range of settings, as well as adapting to work directly with young people.