Health & Wellbeing


It can be difficult for everybody at times to ask for help from a doctor and this can seem twice as hard if it means telling them for the first time that you are LGBTQ. 

We don't want you to put up with feeling ill or depressed for a second longer than you need to, so let us know if you want any advice, info or help getting health info.


We work closely with advocacy support services and health services who can support you outside of the group, all of these services will provide you with confidential advice and treatment including those people under the age of 16.  This means that they will not tell anybody including parents, teachers, carers or even us at YAY! that you have used the services.  However like YAY! most services have a clause that they will break this confidentiality if you or someone you have spoken about is at risk of serious harm, where possible this will be discussed with you.