Hate Crime


Hate Crime

We have been working for some time to increase the reporting of hate crime, increase the resilliance of the community to recognise hate crime and cope with the impacts of it.

In 2015 we have formed a partnership lead by the LGBT Consortum with 31 organisations nationally to tackle hate crime.  The project is funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Schools Transgender Guidance



Schools Transgender Guidance has been written in collaboration with The Intercom Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council and Head Teachers.  It is the first of it's kind within the UK to be incorporated into schools and colleges, specifically aimed at supporting Transgender pupils and students.

It is a pioneering piece of partnership working showing that Cornwall can be at the forefront of making improvements in understanding and supporting pupils and students that identify as Transgender who are in education.

Having proved to be so popular and referenced by many other people nationally and internationally the 2nd edition has been published.

To download a copy click HERE or on the image


Meeting New People

At YAY! you'll have the chance to meet, get to know, and hear the experiences of lots of people like you. This can be nerve racking at first, but remember, everybody in the group has been through this!

If you want to share Facebook, mobile and email to connect outside of the group please remember to be safe, respectful and to keep confidentiality.

Coming Out


This is the term for telling people that you are Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Trans.

How, when, why and who you come out to will vary for all of us.  Some people are only 'out' to thier friends, some people are 'out' to everyone.  We do not judge you on how 'out' you are, if you are not even sure yourself then 'coming out' can be scary, you can talk to us about 'coming out'

'Coming out' is unlikely to be something you will do once, and how people react may be very different every time, you may 'come out' to your friends then want to 'come out' to your parents or workmates.

Sex & Safety


Sex is an important part of who we all are - but there's no rush!  To help you make the right decisions about sex and relationships our workers can give you support and advice. 

We are part of the 'C Card (condom) Scheme and we have links to Healthy Gay Cornwall and sexual health services in the area, so that you can make safer and healthier choices when the time is right for you.

It is important not to feel presured into anything, however sometimes we all realise we have got ourselves into situations that we regret later, we would like you to feel confident that you can seek advice from our workers, if you need additional support then they can advise you on how to access that support.