Schools Transgender Guidance



Schools Transgender Guidance has been written in collaboration with The Intercom Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council and Head Teachers.  It is the first of it's kind within the UK to be incorporated into schools and colleges, specifically aimed at supporting Transgender pupils and students.

It is a pioneering piece of partnership working showing that Cornwall can be at the forefront of making improvements in understanding and supporting pupils and students that identify as Transgender who are in education.

Having proved to be so popular and referenced by many other people nationally and internationally the 2nd edition has been published.

To download a copy click HERE or on the image


What some people have been saying ....

Judith Bailey Department for Education 'Great news, well done'

Tavistock Clinic 'We will be disseminating your fab document'

Jane Graham 'Well done everyone for pulling this excellent and well needed guidance together. It's great to see it published and let's hope it's seen as some best practice and shared nationally' 

Dumfries LGBT Centre 'Thats so helpful! thanks very much indeed, we are currently supporting several schools around this issue to this will be very useful.'

Solent Rainbow, Sexual Health Promotion Team Leader 'Fantastic piece of work, it will be immensely helpful and well received, it will make so much sence and help so many people around this subject, it will be a revelation.'

European Parliament LGBT Inter Group 'Thanks that looks like a great resource for trans / transgender young people!'